About Us

Hello I’m Sarah, the founder and owner of Velvet Beauty Wellness.

Velvet is a professional space with the comfort of an at home salon.

I started in beauty as a 16 year old wanting to look after my own skin. Over the years, the knowledge I have acquired has lead me down the path of holistic skin care. 

Joining Osmosis beauty has opened my awareness to the connection of environment, emotion, lifestyle and nutrition.

We now know that seeing the signs and asking questions will lead to better glowing skin and health.

Finding the source of the problem and healing that, rather then band aiding the issue.

Skin mapping is also a huge part. Connecting organ function to your skin issues is the key. Osmosis beauty is leading the way in frequency healing of the skin and body.

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My mission is simple:

Make health your priority and your skin will follow with the glow you want to achieve.