About Us

Hello I’m Sarah, the founder and owner of the at-home salon, Velvet Beauty Wellness.

My skin-story starts at age 16 with the curiosity of wanting to know the beauty industry tricks and tips to improve my own skin.

I decided to train as a beauty therapist, where my love and passion for skincare flourished and I opened Velvet Beauty wellness. It was here I realised that something which started as out as curiosity, had grown into wanting to give all the opportunity for confident, glowing skin.

Over the last 13 years, I have looked at all types of complexions, skin types and concerns and have seen first-hand the impact of our modern lifestyle on our skin.

Follow the ups and downs of my skin journey #makeupfreeskintherapist.

My mission is simple:

I want people to feel their outer beauty, to revel more of their inner beauty.