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Wonderful experience! Sarah is delightful and has created a nurturing, warm and relaxing space to be pampered. I booked a 1 hour facial with light therapy and the results were instant and even 3 days later I can still see and feel the difference. Sarah is a warm, knowledgeable and intuitive therapist and takes time to learn about you, your skin and to recommend options. I can’t wait for my next visit 😊💕

Michelle, NSW


Highly recommend Sarah. Beautiful service and beautiful relaxing setting. My skin hasn’t felt nor looked better under anyone else’s care. Sarah is amazing!

Alice, NSW


So I had my first ever facial, it was surprisingly way better than I would have ever imagined! Sarah has a great set up and the whole experience went very fast leaving me feeling like I wanted more.. Which for a guy was very unexpected. My skin smelt and felt like new. I would highly recommend to give it a go and treat yourself. I think if u are opened minded and want to look after your skin, (let's face it blokes don't) then you need to let Sarah show you the way. Thank you Sarah

Darren, NSW


I’ve had a few services done with Sarah in the past but yesterday I experienced pure bliss with a one hour facial! I’ve not ever had a facial so wasn’t sure what to experience (I admitted to Sarah before she started that I thought it was going to just be a face massage 😅) it was so much more! And Sarah talked me through the whole process and explained what each product was that she was using and the outcome I could expect from each. I didn’t have any questions after I was finished because everything was answered during the service with her amazing knowledge. And the jelly mask!!! Oh. My. God! I’ll be back just to get that again 😍
Do yourself a favour and make an hour of time available to experience a Velvet Beauty & Wellness facial! (That goes for men too!)

Morgan, NSW


Thank you Sarah for always relaxing me and making my experience memorable. The facial I had today was exceptional and you do a wonderful pedicure. Not to forget always making my eyebrows look great! I highly recommend Sarah she is AMAZING!

Jodi, NSW


Last night I had the privilege to receive my first facial from Sarah. The experience was relaxing and I enjoyed every moment. Sarah was informative with what procedures she was performing on my face and what the benefits will be. This morning when I woke, my skin felt amazing, hydrated and refreshed. I would highly recommend Velvet beauty & wellness.

Paige, NSW


"Call me crazy but I feel like there is a difference already. Doesn't seem like my forehead is as stuck together in the morning when I frown or lift me eyebrows."

Candice, NSW 1 day of using klapp cosmetics


 "OMG, I have not one pimple. Just a little redness from previous pimples that are still healing, OMG my neck has cleared up! Its been months. Anyway, I cut out dairy and really focusing on my skin routine, cleansing 2x morning and night. Curt said "OMG, you look like you are in your 20's." I'm so happy"

Melissa, NSW


 "I love klapp cosmetics because it has helped transform my skin. I had lots of sun damage and my skin needed some serious TLC. Now after using Klapp and your services of course, I am so proud of my skin. Its transformed my confidence and how I look and feel. I don't feel I need make up any more. I used to cover my skin from all the pigmentation. So now I'm addicted to looking after my skin. I feel it has taken years off my appearance."

Belinda, NSW


'I really thought I had hit skin rock bottom, until Klapp cosmetics bought me back to life! My skin hasn't felt so hydrated, looked brighter and been blemish free in forever until now! Along with the perfect therapist and amazing treatments, my Klapp products have been the icing on the cake!"

Kate, NSW


"I decided to give Klapp products a go after I had made the decision that it was finally time to invest in quality skincare with proven results. I've tried a lot of products over the years but have never been completely satisfied. When I started using Klapp, it was originally for my pigmentation but the side effects is that my skin felt instantly hydrated and nourished. After 1 week I could see a difference in the tone and texture of my skin.After almost a month, my skin looks brighter and I have had comments about how healthy and glowing my skin looks. Apart from actually working, Klapp products smell divine. Its like having a salon experience at home which is a blessing right now."

Melissa, WA


"I have always sourced quality skin care products my whole adult life. Over the last few years I have struggled to find a range hat feeds my skin and that makes a visible difference. Since first using Klapp, I noticed my skin feels nourished, softer, less congested and looks so much clearer that I don't even bother with foundation for work as I used to. The redness around my cheeks have lessened and pigmentation is diminishing. Even my 27 year old daughter has commented on the difference. I think I have found my holy grail and I'm looking forward to expanding my Klapp experience with other products from their range."

Michelle, NSW