Offering authentic luxury skin services, Velvet Beauty Wellness' Skin Bar is your go-to skin destination. With result-first treatments, we are 100% committed to delivering on your skin needs. Our menu is a specially tailored list of skin treatments, cocktailing together our expertise of recommended products and industry-grade skin machines.

Velvet Beauty Wellness' Skin Bar also offers an Exclusive Skin Parlour Membership. Please click here for further details.

Exclusive Offers
- 20% discount for those between 13-17 years old.
- Virtual Skin Consultations available to cover all your skin needs.

    Treatment Menu & Pricing: Book Here 

    Skin Consultation 30-mins
    $49 – includes muscle testing from Dr Ben Johnson
    Begin your skin journey with a detailed and personalised Skin Consultation, where we learn about you, your skin, lifestyle, and goals to ensure we deliver healthy, rejuvenated and glowing complexions.

    Bespoke Express Facial 45-minutes
    Velvet Beauty Wellness recognise the importance of making every minute count. Our 45-minute Bespoke Express Facial is tailored to your every need and delivers nourished, healthy skin. The perfect on-the-go pick me up; maximum results, minimum time.

    Treatment consists of: Double Ultra Sonic Deep Cleanse | Exfoliation | 1 x Add-on | Results- Driven serum | Lip & Eye care | Moisturiser | SPF Protection.

    Bespoke Facial 1-hour
    Over-flowing with skin-loving superstar ingredients, our bespoke 1-hour facial is your go-to for brighter, firmer and super-hydrated complexions. No skin concern is off-limits, with our skin specialist cocktailing and curating a targeted, result-drive facial, catering to all your skin needs.

    Treatment consists of: Double Ultra Sonic Deep Cleanse | Exfoliation | 2 x Add-on's | Massage | Results- Driven serum | Lip & Eye care | Moisturiser | SPF Protection.

    Sacred Facial 1-hour
    Nourish your mind and body with this relaxing, deeply grounding 1-hour ritual where skin and soul are rejuvenated by clearing energies, body palming and the power of touch. Let Velvet Beauty Wellness help you tap into your soul and release your inner self.

    Treatment consists of: Skin Analysis | Essential Oil Deep Breathing | Body Palming | Double Ultra Sonic Deep Cleanse | Exfoliation | Facial, Décolletage, Neck Massage | Hydrating Clay or Deep Cleansing Mask| Palo Santo Energy Clearing | Results-Driven Serum | Targeted Eye or Lip Care | Moisturiser.

    Bespoke Facial 1.5-hours
    This luxurious 1-hour and 30-minute treatment is designed with your skin’s ultimate desires in mind, where our skin specialist will cocktail together your bespoke treatment, using our most advanced skin-devices to give you a balance of targeted results and relaxation. Think the clearest complexions and most radiant-glowing skin, the sky’s the limit!

    Treatment consists of: Double Ultra Sonic Deep Cleanse | Exfoliation | 3 x Add-ons | Massage | Results- Driven serum | Lip & Eye care | Moisturiser | SPF Protection.

    Osmosis Infusion Facial GLOW FACIAL 1.5-hours 
    $199 (MUST HAVE)

    This 1-hour and 30-minute treatment delivers the skin a high dose of patented Vitamin A concentrate along with efficacious ingredients enveloped in a exclusive delivery system for targeted action. This professional only treatment creates long term renewal by encouraging , collagen and elastin activity and promotes circulation in the skin whilst giving the skin a healthy, natural glow. Suitable for all skin types, this non-inflammatory treatment works with the skin to enhances results for acne, aging, rosacea, and hyperpigmentation and can be customized by adding powder blends and actives for increased correction.

    Bespoke Facial Add-Ons

    Here at Velvet Beauty’s Skin Bar, we understand that adding an extra shot of skin-boosting ingredients or advanced machine technologies is just what the skin ordered. Each of our bespoke facials includes one or more of the below add-ons, expertly selected by our skin specialist.

    • LED Light Therapy (Face or Body).
    • Oxy Peel - Micro-Dermabrasion
    • Oxy Spray – Super Hydration
    • Oxy Lift & infuse
    • Oxy Sculpt, Lympahtic Detox
    • Esthemax Hydrojelly™ Mask + Infusion
    • Skingym Lift Massage
    • Esthemax Contouring Argireline Mask (additional $29 for this treatment and can only be booked in a 1.5-hour bespoke facial). Note - You are unable to book this treatment if you have: rosacea, eczema, chronically inflamed skin, thinned fragile skin or broken skin, high-blood pressure, asthma, cancer, Lupus, thrombosis or thyroid issues.

    Please consult with our skin specialist for further information or book here.